A Trip To Biella.

Last summer, when our designer was on a working trip in Italy, he had a chance to visit Biella, the historic textile city where all the big textile mills are located at. The history of this small but charming city, with a small river runs through, traces back to the pre-Roman time and it is the only district in Europe to preserve the entire textile production chain intact and viable, from treatment of the unwashed fibres to the finished garment. The landmark of the Biella city center is Lanificio F.lli.Cerruti mill with the tall chimney made of stones.

Lanificio Cerruti woolen mill began in 1881 using the best raw materials: only Australian wool, only Mongolian cashmere for tailoring fabrics, but also cotton, linen, hemp for new sports and casual fabrics.

During the First World War, the efficiency of the plant guarantees ample production in the supply of grey – green cloth; in 1917 alone the Lanificio Cerruti produces 170,000 metres of it for the army.
The historic Lanificio Cerruti woolen mill founded in 1881 in Biella on the banks of the river Cervo where the company nowadays is still situated.
The fabric used in our latest jacket (which will be available tomorrow) is from Lanificio Cerruti’s Oxygen line. We love them because the uniqueness of the color range as well as design innovation. The finishing techniques give you a traditional flavor but with a modern feel. Perfect for a light tweed jacket

Pure Mongolian Cashmere from Lanificio Cerruti used in our collection 
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