Mister Titan

Titan Neerapol aka Mister Titan, or Khaw, a more familiar name for the show biz, has been our friend since JBB* was founded in 2007 but it was not until 2014 that we asked him to pose for us. Because of his busy work as a Dj, TVC model and part-time traveler, he only gets to visit us at our store once or twice a year but one thing about him is that he never forgets Christmas!
He showed up every Christmas looking festive every year and we love to put on our winter clothes on him and snap some photo and post them on our Instagram. Since then, he has become our Christmas mascot and every time we think of Christmas, we think of him.
He remembers his first piece he got from JBB*. It was a blue stripe shirt with a white contrasting collar. The buttons were covered with fabric. It was the first proper shirt for a 15 year-old boy and he still keeps it somewhere in his lovely home in Kanchanaburi.
Mister Titan moved to New York City in early 2017 to pursue his dream. Whatever it will be, we’ll make sure to keep everyone posted!

My Favorite JBB*

Half of my closet are garments from JBB* since my teenage years. Every once in a while I always pull off my vintage JBB* Nordic sweater. Its one of my taste settler pieces. It’s keeping me dapper and warm since 2011.
Mister Titan

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